Why choose us?

Like most businesses, you don’t go looking for a marketing partner just to get pretty designs. Instead, you look for business solutions to the problems of branding, selling, managing and communicating. We help clients tackle all of these problems with highly specialized skills in marketing, graphic design, copywriting, web design and development. We look for fresh approaches, craft targeted strategies and create compelling designs that deliver results.

Answers to business problems
You’re in business? Well, then you’ve got problems. Maybe it’s too few customers. Maybe it’s not enough market share. Maybe it’s a new product launch. You’re stressed out. Overworked. Call CNC. We’re not here to sell you on a layout. Or a Website. Or even an advertising campaign. We’re here to solve your problems — to brainstorm, concept, design and program something that will deliver the results your business needs.

We are not an ad agency
CNC is a creative shop. We create compelling communications, and we do not believe every client needs to be re-branded, re-positioned or re-invented. Our focus is solving our clients’ business problems with unique insights and engaging ideas. Our expertise is in combining the creativity and problem-solving of design with the technical knowledge and refined process of graphic production. In short, we create value through design.

Partners on every project
Your projects are important, to you and to us. We work closely with clients to understand key goals, opportunities and restraints that will define the project. You can feel confident in the design experience and expert capabilities CNC provides.

Your deadline is our deadline
The efficiencies, work ethic and processes we practice mean we don’t miss deadlines. Project management is established on every job and followed through with ongoing communication. Flexible systems for review and proofing accommodate your workflow preferences. The result is that you stay on schedule and on budget — and that you have no “surprises” to worry about.

Hire us on a project by project basis or as your in-house marketing team.