Our Process

From concept to creation, CNC’s proven and flexible process solves marketing problems and gets results. Respectful of each client’s distinctive marketing objectives, corporate practices and overall vision, our design team remains dedicated to original thought and creative collaboration. Working with our clients one-on-one, and approaching each communication discipline with innovation in mind, CNC turns impossible into incredible.

1. We listen.

  • Introductory meetings: We meet your team. No sales people. No company reps. Just the real people who will actually work on your project. Face to face whenever possible.
  • Company and project review: Detailed, frank discussions of your company’s goals, immediate needs and future aspirations.
  • Proposal development: Tailored quotes to suit your project, right down to the smallest detail. No surprise bills. No confusing jargon. What you see is what you get.

2. We get creative.

  • Collaborative brainstorming: We talk. We play. We listen. While brainstorming, we toss around all the crazy ideas that come to mind. It’s from these random, fleeting ideas that amazing concepts emerge.
  • Sketches: Unlike many design firms today, we start most projects – both print and Web – from pencil and/or whiteboard sketches. Instead of starting on a computer, we preserve the fundamentals of our art, guaranteeing you original, inspired designs of the highest artistic quality.
  • Site maps: For Web sites, comprehensive site maps are tailored to illustrate the exact details of every site. From required content to exact function, these documents outline both present and future needs in the development of your scaleable site.

3. We design.

  • Presentations and Signoffs: As outlined on your proposal, you receive several rounds of presentations, either in person or posted online. As you watch your project develop, you are intimately involved with feedback and revisions. Once approved, your signoff/signature guarantees our accuracy and your satisfaction.
  • Copy, Illustrations and Photography: Original copy that drives your message home. One-of-a-kind illustrations that bring your marketing to life. Professional photo sessions that capture the essence of your company, services or products. We can deliver it all.

4. We deliver.

  • Printing Coordination: Once your files are delivered to a printer, our job is not done. While on press, we work closely with the printer, analyzing and refining your project’s color, clarity and quality. However long it takes, we stick around to get it right.
  • Site Testing: Once your website is designed, and every page approved, we allow time for thorough testing on our server before launching it live to the world. Your site is tested on all the popular browsers and across multiple platforms (Mac & PC), to guarantee that all information and graphics display correctly.
  • Delivery: Whether direct from the printer, or hand-delivered by a member of our team, you’ll have your projects as promised and in pristine condition.

5. We grow.

  • Project Review: After the project is complete, our team reviews the goals, the process and the outcome. We learn something new from almost every project, and always welcome client suggestions for improvement. Without you, we wouldn’t be here.
  • Reprints and Updates: You’ll be happy with the pieces we help you create. And sometimes a mere update can extend a piece’s shelf life, saving you money, time and effort. Whether a simple copy update, or a fresh new look, we can help you take what’s old and make it new again.